December 29 tarot

Nurture those you love for one day they will be grown and these moments will only be a memory.

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Posted on December 29, Updated on December 22, Justice- Nanshe is depicted on the card as a beautiful woman with a scale in her left hand, and a sword in her right hand. It is a traditional image of Justice although her eyes are not covered with a bandage. While Utu-Shamash , the sun god, was the god of justice in the Babylonian epos, Nanshe was the goddess who indeed provided humanity with social justice. Her role to watch over orphans and widows, as well as oversaw fairness was rather practical. Justice embodies balance, harmony, and equilibrium in all spheres of life. She has also indicated situations of making decisions and choices, meaning logical choice, and acting in fair and just ways.

Justice personifies the weighing of all sides of an issue and balancing all its facets to make a right decision. She makes her choice with full awareness, setting a course for the future.

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Sometimes this card can represent directly legal affairs, including courts and lawsuits. Posted on December 28, Updated on December 28, It is possible to encounter a speed bump, a glitch, or the tiniest of hiccups today. Do not let any of these slow you down. You are still working on the process of moving forward, and the Universe may just be trying to get you to take notice of a different approach.

A change in perspective does us all good from time to time. Do not worry if you can not make up your mind today. The Moon will move on into Scorpio tomorrow and you will be able to choose one way or the other.

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This time of year, everywhere you turn, there are reminders of events which occurred over the past year. Some may call it a year-end review, highlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly. Should you participate, allow yourself to realize how much has actually changed, and how far you have truly come. I think you will be amazed.

A day, a week, even a month from now, you will not believe the things which have happened and are happening. Posted on December 28, Updated on December 26, The crow tries to hold his place at the top of the mountain, defending a territory he has successfully battled for from the approaching crows below who are all too eager to knock him down and take his spot.

The 7 of Wands asks that you remain self-confident and have courage when facing challenges. Cullinane , Path , Reading , Tarot. Posted on December 27, Updated on December 27, All aboard!

Once again it is time to set sail as we leave behind , and set forth on the shores of The waters are smoother up ahead, but, right now you are in a transitional phase, which at times can even feel a bit depressing, as you navigate the ripples which greet you on your journey each day. Never fear, the Universe is guiding you; safe passage is guaranteed, and before you know it, your destination will be in sight. This is more about where you are headed over the next weeks, rather than being just for today.

Keep Valentine Day in sight, and see where your boat has come ashore by then. After all, we are in eclipse season, and all of those ripples in the water represent the fluctuating events occurring around you. For a greater understanding of what this next 6 weeks holds for you, have a listen to my January Love and Finance, which I am making available to the public to say Happy New Year to all of you.

It should be available this weekend wherever I can be found on social media, with the exception of Instagram. Posted on December 27, Updated on December 26, The fertile Empress flies over the abundant lush landscape of Mother Earth. She is uplifted by the warmth that radiates from her connectedness with the planet. The Empress sends a loving message to take time to pamper yourself and to embrace the feminine energy within all of us.

Her spirit is pure love and bringing things to life; she asks that you go into nature to feel the soothing and healing power that invigorates the soul.

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When the Empress pays a visit, she may bring a message of a new birth. See you here tomorrow! Like this: Like Loading Share this: Tweet. Your hopes and wishes might not be fulfilled toady or tomorrow but in a distant time in future. Be optimistic as you are on the right path and ultimately you shall reach your goal. Women need to be careful it seems that they are emotionally giving a lot to others but in this way are overextending and exhausting themselves emotionally.

Perhaps it is time to take care of your own emotional needs before you try to support others.

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Lucky Number: 17 Lucky Color: Purple. There is a high chance that you shall meet your twin soul this week and the world will never be the same for you again.

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Those in relationship will spend romantic moments with their beloved. Love is crazy and not wise and yet it is what it is. So, choose love. Maybe you have lost hope about something that was important to you. It might be difficult to help yourself or come out of this challenging situation. This is the time you need to seek guidance from the heavens above. Or, more appropriately, look to the flare of divineness that lies within you.

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Acknowledge the divinity within. Lucky Number: 17 Lucky Color: Orange. Libra September 24 to October 23 Dear Libra, This week you might come across a sharp and logical person who will help you get right to the heart of the matter with his keen insight. He would be favorable for you and might help resolve your problem, professional or personal. The cards also advise you to solve your problems by directly approaching them and not letting your emotions drive you. At times, this is precisely what is needed and will yield the results you want.

Lady of Tarot advises you to think of the long-term consequences of your actions. The cards predict the appearance of the Star in your life.

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This means that all you need is faith; goodness, hope, victory and solutions will manifest in your life. If there is something you wished for, or if you hoped for an event to occur, the cards predict a wonderful omen, a fabulous outcome. For a few Scorpios the cards indicate the birth of a baby.

It is an auspicious time for Scorpio woman. Lucky Number: 16 Lucky Color: Silver. You cannot work with logic alone and suppress your feelings and you cannot let emotions drive you without thinking about the consequences of your actions. Lucky Number: 7 Lucky Color: Green. You have landed in a difficult situation by your own wretched choices and decisions.

Aquarius January 21 to February 19 Dear Aquarius, This week the cards indicate sadness, despair, disappointment and remorse.