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Free, comprehensive list of possible chart calculations natal, progressed, solar returns, synastry, etc , tropical and sidereal zodiac, 15 house systems, traditional view of the chart 12th part, antiscia and contra-antiscia, prenatal syzygy , basic interpretation including parallels and contra-parallels of declination. Special mention goes to Astro-Codex. For my Spanish-speaking friends out there, there is a nice resource carta-natal.

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Just choose Calcular Carta Natal and insert the data. The site is a bit slow to download, however. And the last one is psychicscience.

Astrological indications for sexual attraction:

Placidus is the default system with basic chart delineation in 3 languages. How about the nuts and bolts of casting your chart by hand?

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Catherine Sinclair is a professional astrologer and tarot reader, based in the sunny city of Lyon, France. Catherine worked previously as a Business Analyst in pharmaceutical and insurance companies, but Saturn return completely changed her career.

Catherine offers consultations in natal, predictive, horary and electional astrology. Save my name, e-mail, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Composite Chart & Synastry

Log In Register. This point in the chart is important for it seems to be the first energy expressed when interacting with everything … This content is for Solar Lifetime Membership and Full Moon Membership members only.

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The 5th house rules romance, passion, and ardour and Pluto, the planet which takes us into the depths of intensity, … This content is for Solar Lifetime Membership and Full Moon Membership members only. Note that the following aspects and positions are NOT those found in individual natal charts. They are chart-to-chart or interchart aspects and positions. None of these weights are absolute.

House Overlays (Transposed houses):

I offer these as a general guideline only. However, it may be more relevant when the individuals involved are Mercurial by nature, or have Mercury in the 7th house indicating that Mercury is especially important in relationships to that particular person.

Perhaps for a Mercurial person, it should be assigned more weight. There are other factors that are important that are not listed here.

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Note: You do not have to actually tally up points. The points definitely help in that they assign relative weights to different factors, but another way of approaching this system is to take note of how many positions fall in each category. Note the following:. Remember that some categories will be counted twice, when couples have similar aspects or positions going both ways. For example, my Sun might sextile your Mars, and your Sun might trine my Mars. Therefore we get 3 points two times over. This list is provided twice, in two different ways.

The first list organizes the aspects and positions by weight, and the second list is one that is arranged more intuitively so that it is easier to use if you are going to actually tally up scores. Some of the items are clickable for an interpretation.

Sexual Attraction

Sun square Sun -2 Sun square or opposition Mars -2 Sun conjunct, square or opposition Saturn -2 Sun conjunct, square, or opposition Neptune -2 Sun square or opposition Pluto -2 Sun square Ascendant -2 Moon square or opposition Mercury -2 Moon opposition Mars -2 Moon square or opposition Uranus -2 Moon square Ascendant -2 Mercury opposition Mercury -2 Mercury square or opposition Mars -2 Mercury conjunct, square, or opposition Saturn -2 Venus square or opposition Uranus -2 Venus square or opposition Pluto -2 Mars square or opposition Mars -2 Mars square or opposition Uranus -2 Mars conjunct, square, or opposition Neptune -2 Saturn conjunct, square or opposition Ascendant -2 Saturn conjunct or opposition Vertex -2 Saturn conjunct or square Nodes of the Moon -2 Neptune conjunct Descendant, Ascendant, or Vertex -2 Ascendant square Ascendant Printer-Friendly version of the above categories.

Jupiter in aspect to Jupiter 2 Jupiter conjunct, sextile, or trine Saturn 1 Jupiter square or opposition Saturn -1 Jupiter in aspect to Uranus 1 Jupiter conjunct, sextile, or trine Neptune 1 Jupiter square or opposition Neptune -1 Jupiter conjunct, trine or sextile Pluto 1 Jupiter square or opposition Pluto -1 Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant 2 Jupiter sextile, trine, or square Ascendant 1 Jupiter conjunct the Descendant 2 Jupiter conjunct or opposition the Vertex 2 Jupiter in aspect to the Nodes of the Moon 1 Jupiter in 7th house 2.

Saturn sextile or trine Saturn 1 Saturn square or opposition Saturn -1 Saturn conjunct, square or opposition Ascendant -2 Saturn sextile or trine Ascendant 1 Saturn conjunct or opposition Vertex -2 Saturn conjunct or square Nodes of the Moon Printer-friendly version of the above list of compatibility factors.