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Black candle meaning wicca. Astrolog zelal midyat. Escala de estres percibido mexico pdf. Feria eibtm barcelona. Allsvenskan tabell. The ephemeris equations come from the US Navy, or from Astrodienst, which garner the same results when you crunch the numbers. And we almost all use computers to calculate. There is a movement afoot since the late s for astrology to become versed in the new discoveries — this starts with Chiron.

I can count at least five astrologers I know personally who can run off the sequence of discoveries; who know what a semimajor axis is; who can calculate the positions; who know that QB1 was the the KBO that verified the existence of the Kuiper Belt. Astrologers were informally involved in the naming of Centaurs Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus and Chariklo, through the correspondence with the MPC and their in-depth knowledge of the myths involved.

Those myths were translated out of ancient Greek by one of the astrologers — Dieter Koch. It was like the twilight zone. Comment by Eric Francis — June 20, pm Reply. Astrologers generally use the tropical zodiac. And like my friend who worked on the Huygens Probe, you seem to not be aware of that. Consider yourself informed. Astronomy: What Coordinate System to Use?

Many astronomers are not aware of several current events in their very broad field — so? I would challenge you to, for example, go up to a biologist who studies mitochondrial DNA and ask them about the latest species of frog discovered in the Amazon. As for whether all astronomers know about the tropical vs. Its only use — as far as I can tell — is by astrologers who have not taken into account precession. But I talk more about that in the post I wrote and linked to above. Comment by Stuart Robbins — June 20, pm Reply. Comment by Eric Francis — June 21, am Reply. Your role here is to say, Oops I was wrong.

However, you are missing some studies from your discussion. This is a cheap shot. That whole paragraph is actually about astrologers riding on the coattails of professional astronomers who do the hard work that went into those discoveries. And yet you try to turn that around and make astrologers look impressive. This is rather sleazy. Do you actually do Astronomical research?

Can you clarify but what makes you a pioneer in the field of new planet discoveries? I find the wording there weaselly. Regardless of any discussion on astrology, the onus is always on the astrologers to show hard evidence that astrology based on a real phenomenon. Comment by ND — June 21, pm Reply.

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Comment by carol — January 11, am Reply. Finally, one who shares similar observations of this woman. Comment by andie — January 17, am Reply. Comment by gerry — March 9, pm Reply.

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I hope the advertisers have caught on and dropped her site from their web buys. Comment by Gerry — June 6, pm Reply. I see that your readers are fed up with you not updating the monthly and weekly horoscopes. Cant you see that once you get used to an astrologer and associate with their readings, it is most annoying when the following week there is no update. Comment by Tansel Mustafa — October 7, am Reply.

She obviously has bigger fish to fry than to maintain her site — I hope all of her advertisers are on to her tricks by now.

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Comment by Gerry — November 2, am Reply. Long story short…. My need is to keep it simple, brief, and concentrated on 1 at the most 2 focal points per daily journal entries so I can later make sense of it. I can remember a handful of times when i was overwhelmed with excitement, anticipating something big, or my mind had become so consumed with a thought or idea that I had targeted in and zeroed in on causing what seemed to a major malfunction if anything was or became expected of me. I got ready to try out my idea when I realized the paper had already been trashed and taken out.

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  8. It felt very powerful when I was writing and more powerful when I reviewed it. I rarely review because what I write sounds so senseless and ridiculously ludicrous because it as no structure to it. I was so enthused that this idea might actually be the key for me while saving countless trees that I back dated to the day before horoscope and the results were consistent so I decided to shop sites to see if I preferred one over another.

    Additionally, you are practical and can be very interesting. Make preparing a horoscope chart much easier. The family that cancer creates with her mate will receive undying loyalty and dedication. And so on right down to z. They expect you to succeed and are not only. This was blasphemous doctrine for a slave to teach; Presumptuous in him, and dangerous to the masters.